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California Institute for Interdisciplinary Psychology

The California Institute for Interdisciplinary Psychology sees itself as an ideal organization that is primarily committed to the scientific issues of psychology and related areas.
In his activities it includes the conventional methods of psychology and their diverse areas of application e.g., in religion, art, science, education, journalism, economics and politics as well as non-conventional methods and new areas.

Due to its interdisciplinary membership and organizational structure, which is reflected in the establishment of different sections, The California Institute for Interdisciplinary Psychology is able to deal with relevant questions in interdisciplinary contexts.

FUSTH-National Institute of Heraldic Affairs

The FUSTH-National Institute of Heraldic Affairs (FIHA) is an institution responsible for matters related to heraldry and genealogy.
As an independent scientific body it is not limited to the United States of America and affiliated territories , but out of respect for the sovereignty of state heraldic authorities it does not issue appraisals, scientific assessments, bestowals of coats of arms, etc. to citizens of territories with such a heraldic authority (e.g., Canada) .

FIHA draws on the heraldry of the predecessor territories of the USA, such as Spain, France and the British Empire.
With this rich history dating back centuries, the institute plays a significant role in preserving and maintaining the heraldic traditions.

This is also reflected in the FIHA coat of arms, which unites elements of the history of today's USA.
In addition to the British Lion (New England), there are elements from the Spanish coat of arms of New Spain and the coat of arms of New France, all of them predecessor of today's America.
The coat of arms is completed by a star from today's USA Flag.

Coats of arms serve as visual representations of noble and common families, highlighting their lineage, achievements, and status.
FIHA ensure that these symbols were accurately depicted and granted or denied their usage based on strict heraldic rules.

Genealogy research is another responsible for documenting and tracing noble lineages, maintaining an extensive record of family histories and connections.
This task required meticulous research, as accurate genealogical records were essential for determining inheritance rights, noble titles, and the legitimacy of individuals claiming noble heritage.

In addition to the strictly scientific research of heraldry and related areas of FIHA, it is also an important part of the work of FIHA, to grant and regulate coats of arms, which are unique symbols used to represent individuals, families, organizations, and regions.

FIHA ensures that these heraldic symbols adhere to established rules and traditions, maintaining the integrity and authenticity of heraldry traditions.

In addition to granting coats of arms, FIHA also assists individuals and families in researching their genealogical history.
They provide expert guidance and resources to help people trace their ancestral lineage and discover their heraldic heritage.
By delving into archives and historical records, it helps individuals connect with their roots and gain a deeper understanding of their family history.

FIHA coordinate the formal recognition and bestowal of coats of arms, ensuring that these ceremonies follow proper protocols and traditions.

These events often involve the participation of heraldic experts, dignitaries, and individuals seeking recognition for their contributions or achievements.

FIHA also serves as an advisory body on matters related to heraldry and genealogy.

It is an independent counselor in matters of honor and lineage.

It provides expertise and guidance to other institutions, organizations, assisting in matters such as creating new coats of arms families, settling disputes over titles and succession, and determining the legitimacy of claims to nobility.


Furthermore, FIHA acts as a custodian of valuable historical documents and records pertaining to heraldry and genealogy.
They preserve and protect these artifacts, ensuring their accessibility for future generations.
This archival function is crucial in preserving the heritage and cultural significance of heraldry.




Prof. Dr. G. Reiff



Prof. Fr. Pierluigi Vignola

Doctorate in Sacred Theology, Pontifical University in Rome



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