FUSTH FOREIGN ACADEMIC CREDENTIAL ASSESSMENT CENTER (FUSTH AC) assesses your academic credentials, authenticates your documents and states the equivalency of your international academic credentials to academic programs in the USA.


Our evaluation process:
We prepare a comprehensive and professional identity university-based equivalence assessment of foreign academic credentials:

1. FUSTH AC verifies the recognition of tertiary-level institutions by the Ministry of Education of the countries where the education was obtained.

2. Evaluates foreign secondary level credentials to establish U.S. high school diploma
comparability. Where foreign educational systems offer secondary programs, which
exceed the equivalent of U.S. senior high school graduation, advanced standing in lower
division undergraduate subjects is considered.

3. Evaluates foreign tertiary level credentials to establish U.S. university degree
comparability. U.S. degree equivalence is based upon the content of the program, the
number of years of full-time study and the perception of the degree in the home
country. Where an equivalent degree has not been obtained, credits toward a degree are
based on submitted academic records, which provide either the unit credits or the clock
hours of instruction. All transfer credit is based on the assumption that one-year of
study or its equivalency in another country is worth no more than one year of credit at a
United States institution.

4. Reviews all UNESCO treaties and standards of Good Practices adopted by member states
to determine if applicant country is a party to and have adopted such treaties and
standards of Good Practices.

5. By their nature, links to material on the Internet frequently go out of date as
material is relocated or removed. The links in this document were accurate at
the time when the relevant research was undertaken. The Internet Archive at
www.archive.org will often provide archived copies of deleted or changed


Our Evaluation Reports can be notarized with an USA Hague Apostille.


Contact: info1@fusth.university