Our religious university is guided by a vision of a world, where people of different faith cooperate effectively for peace and human development of all mankind.

As an independent university, we try to award people from different faiths, who came together for peace and understanding.

For this purpose, we decided to honor such personalities, who are exemplary and representative of the many who perform such deeds with a DOCTOR HONORIS CAUSA.





Prof. Dr. Jerry Agada

Prof. Dr. Jerry Agada was honoured for his meritorious accomplishments and activities, in broader areas of interdenominational activities and cooperations.

Prof. Dr. Jerry Agada, former Minister of State for Education of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was honored by our constituent college, Universal Trinity (2019), handed over by UTC President Prof. Dr. Reiff, left).

We are proud to take up this tradition, established by the UTC in March 2019.

 Shoshana Appleton

Shoshana Appleton was honoured for her meritorious accomplishments and activities, both in the religious arena and in broader areas of  benefit for our society with a Doctor honoris causa in Interfaith Dialogue.

Mrs. Appleton is since many decades a leading jewish voice in the interfaith dialogue between all religious groups in Northern Ireland.


Given this eight day of March, two thousand and twenty-three.